The Norbourne Tree Initiative

by admin on September 13, 2016

The trees throughout Norbourne Estates are vital to the unique character of our city.  Observing the conditions and maintaining the trees is a top priority of the City Council.  Guided by the Norbourne Estates Tree Committee as well as a certified arborist, we have identified a series of trees throughout the city that must be removed.  In many of these cases the trees are disease stricken and could pose a threat to property or pedestrians.  We do not take the decision to remove a tree lightly, and we have a plan of action in place to plant new trees as soon as the seasonal conditions allow.

The city council as well as the tree committee receive numerous inquiries regarding the trees and we do our best to inspect any trees in question quickly.  If you have a question or concern please email the Norbourne Estates Tree Committee at

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