by admin on November 1, 2016

A message from our Security Officer Lt. Al Cabrera

Residents of Norbourne Estates please take a minute to read the following concerning criminal activity and the role you can play in its prevention.  The Holiday Season has always been a time of increased criminal activity, especially property crime.  As a resident of Norbourne Estates you know better than anyone else what and who looks suspicious in your neighborhood.  When you see someone or something that draws your attention please remember to “TRUST YOUR GUT”.  Your gut feeling is a valuable tool that lets you know when something does not seem right.  When your gut tells you something please call 911 for an emergency or 574-2111 and press option 5 to talk with a police dispatcher for non-emergency calls.  Always remember you are not bothering the police, if it is important to you then it is important to us.  Your gut feeling may keep you and your neighbors safe from criminal activity. Also, remember that you also need to exercise good common sense in crime prevention as well. Please remember the following:


1.  Take all valuables out of your car, this is very important during the Holiday Season

2.  Make sure windows and doors are securely locked on your homes and alarms are set if you have them

3.  Leave outside lights on around your house

4.  If you go out of town, have only a trusted neighbor or relative check on it while you are gone

5.  Please do not put presents in plain view around a tree in your picture window

6.  Call the police whenever you see suspicious activity.

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