City of Norbourne Estates Ordinances

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Norbourne Estates Title I General Provisions

Norbourne EstatesTitle III Administration

Norbourne Estates Title V Public Works

Norbourne Estates Title VII Traffic Code

Norbourne Estates Title IX General Regulations

Norbourne Estates XI Business Regulations

Norbourne Estates Title XIII General Offenses

Norbourne Estates Title XV Land Usage

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Need a building permit?

You will need a letter of building approval from the City of Norbourne Estates for the additions.  All three files are attached here: Building Permit, Contractor Form, Letter for Neighbors
1.  Checklist – the steps of the process
2.  Contractor Agreement form – to be read and signed by you and your contractor
3.  Sample “Letter to Neighbors”

Please give a Letter to Neighbors each to two neighbors immediately adjoining on the left side and the right side of your property, the neighbors across the street who adjoin the front property line, and those neighbors who adjoin the rear property line.

The Board asks that you supply the neighbors with the notice at least one week prior to the regularly scheduled Board meeting at which you wish to present your plans.  I will need written documentation from you detailing to which addresses you gave the notice and on which date.  Regular meetings are the second Tuesday of each month in the Eline Library in St. Matthews.
Emergency Services

In case of life-threatening emergency, please call 911.

Louisville Police Department Louisville Police Department
502-574-7660Non-emergency number: 502-574-2111, press 5
Louisville Fire Department Louisville Fire Department


Municipal Services

Metropolitan Sewer District
Louisville Gas and Electric Louisville Gas & Electric
Louisville Water Company Louisville Water Company
Waste Management



Jefferson Public Schools Jefferson County Public Schools

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